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Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Let Me Paint for You!


I'm looking forward to helping you Brighten Up! your home, condo, rental property, office, or small business interior.


One room or a whole house, a single office or your entire small business space, With more that 15 years of experience, I can get it done.


(Psst: Don't spread it around, but I can sometimes be talked into doing small exterior projects too.)

How can I help you?

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OR CALL ME: 1-425-478-8127

It begins with an Idea

Color has the amazing ability create a feeling, set a mood, and make an impression. A fresh coat of paint, properly applied, is the finishing touch that brings a space together and makes it yours.

It can take a lot of work, necessitate some tolerance for disruption and "kerfluffle," but in the end, a high quality paint job is worth the effort and inconvenience. 

I enjoy seeing the results when everything looks sharp and clean, and the entire space feels unified and intentional.

Color Choice  

Choose your colors and send me the brand, color name and number, and gloss level, and I will match it. Or schedule a consultation and walk-through.  I proudly use and recommend top quality Sherwin-Williams paints.

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